- different favs for different mods -
  • Make a new folder in your "/Tribes2/GameData/"-folder, e.g. "ShifterFavs"
  • Make a new shortcut to your Tribes2.exe on your Desktop (right click on an empty space on your Desktop and chose new -> link and browse to your Tribes.exe)
  • right click your new Icon and chose "properties"
  • add this text in the "target"-field after "...Tribes2.exe":

    -online -login YOURNAME -password YOURPASSWORD -mod YOURFOLDER
  • YOURNAME is your login-name (not your warrior name)
    YOURPASSWORD is your T2 password
    YOURFOLDER is the folder you created above ("ShifterFavs in this example")
  • you can also leave the login info away, then the complete line would look like this:

    C:\...\Tribes2\GameData\Tribes2.exe -online -mod YOURFOLDER
  • when you start T2 via this Icon, the favs will be independant from your original favs. Also all other settings will be independant, like graphic and sound settings (you will have an independant ClientPrefs.cs in your "ShifterFavs"-folder). You can even put other stuff in this folder, like scripts or skins (not tested) !