- IRC manual -


Normal IRC commands:

/nick <new nickname> changes you nickname
/me <text> action
/away [<message>] set yourself away
/whois <nick> info about someone
/join <#channelname> [<pw>] join another channel
/quit [<message>] quit

AutoWolf commands:

/msg autowolf help shows help for more commands
/msg autowolf op <your pw> Autowolf ops (admins) you, if you have the right permission
/msg autowolf pass <new pw> set your new pw, if you are a registered user
/msg autowolf help info more info about how to set an info line / welcome message
/dcc chat autowolf enter the "partyline" (need pw)
!top10 top 10 stats
!place [<nick>] which place in the stats is a certain nick
!stats [<nick>] stats about a certain nick
!convert help on the convert command (for °C to °F etc.)
!c2f <value> or !f2c <value> converts Celsius to Farenheit or vice versa

Also, try talking to Autowolf, but always write his name first: "Autowolf, ... ?".

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