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Sword of the Wolf was founded in 1999 as a Tribes 1 clan. After playing the base version for a while, SOW moved to the successful and more strategic mod Shifter. In March 2001 when Tribes 2 came out, SOW focused completely on this sequel, competing in base, Renegades and a few matches in Shifter, which despite it's quality unfortunately never reached the popularity of it's Tribes 1 antecessor.

Between October 2004 - when Tribes Vengeance was released - and June 2005, SOW competed rather successfully in the TWL Tribes Vengeance 10 vs 10 ladder, climbing up into the top 10. Due to the decreasing number of teams, in June 2005 SOW dropped from TWL ladder, having a record of 17 played games, where SOW won 9 and lost 8.

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