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- Tribes 2 Skins -
  • SOW_Infantry_camo - by Blacl{Label
    (Zipped, unzip to your "Tribes2/GameData/Base"-folder)
    Male and female skinset, military camouflage look.
  • SOW_BlackLabel - by Blacl{Label screenshot
    (Zipped, unzip to your "Tribes2/GameData/Base"-folder)
    Full skinset (male, female, bioderm).
  • SOW_Blacken - by Blacl{Label screenshot
    (Zipped, unzip to your "Tribes2/GameData/Base"-folder)
    Full skinset, evil design, female-skinset similar to the SOW_BlackLabel-skins, but with a bit more skin. Heavy male skin fixed in this version, no more "liquid metal" effect.
  • SOW_SpecOpps - by Blacl{Label
    (Zipped, unzip to your "Tribes2/GameData/Base"-folder)
    Only male-skinset, very dark but beautyful.
  • SOW-LeH - by LeHasardeur[SOW] screenshot
    (Zipped, unzip to your "Tribes2/GameData/Base"-folder)
- Tribes Vengeance Maps -
  • Centurion Battle - by Fox (1.7 MB), final version
    (Read included ReadMe.txt for installation instructions)
- Misc Stuff-

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