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- The SOW FAQ for potential recruits -

Q: How do I become a recruit of SOW?
A: Fill out the recruit forum. Wait for an answer from one of our recruiters. You will get the information for our Ventrilo voice-com server. Log on this Ventrilo server during our practice time or when you see us pubbing. Play a bit with us. If we think you could fit in SOW, you will be invited to be a SOW recruit and wear our recruit-tag.

Q: How does a tryout run?
A: We don't have tryouts like "frag 17 players in 2 minutes" or "duel our grandmaster with your monitor upside down". You will just play with us on a pub or in a practice and we will look for things like teamwork and skill while we are playing.

Q: Will I have to wear a recruit tag and for how long?
A: All recruits have to wear the SOW recruits tag [SOW-r] until they are full members.

Q: How long does it take to become a full SOW member?
A: We want to get to know you. It takes at least 2 weeks, if you are around very regularly, but usually longer, because we want to take the time to get to know you and you will need some time to get to know us.

Q: How is it decided if I finally become a full member or not?
A: After at least 2 weeks a vote is put up for the whole clan to decide if you can become a full member.

Q: What can I do to become a full member as fast as possible?
A: Take care that we get to know you. Post on the forums, get on Ventrilo, get on IRC, come to all events. Just be around a lot.

Q: What kind of guys is SOW looking for?
A: - we are a mature clan. Our members are mainly between 20 and 40, so we are also looking for new members to be in that age group.
- our main principles are first of all fair sportsmanship and teamwork, so we don't tolerate cheating, exploiting or other unfair actions, and prefer people who can work in a team and communicate rather than "lone wolves" - no matter how skilled they are.
- we also want our members to behave maturely in public. We don't want cocky loudmouths in SOW - no matter how skilled they are. Also we don't tolerate our members flaming or insulting other people in public places, like forums, chats or game servers.

Q: What are the requirements to become SOW recruit and someday a full member?
A: - you must have the voice communication software Ventrilo as well as a microphone with speakers/headset and be able to use it and talk with us. Teamwork in matches is only possible if we can communicate via voice chat.
- you should have time to come to all three events a week for each game you play with SOW. That's usually a practice, a scrim and a match. If you want to play two games with us (like Tribes Vengeance and Battlefield Vietnam) you also should have time to come to 6 events a week.
- our events usually take place between 8 and 10 pm EST, so you should be available at this time.
- you should have computer hardware that doesn't hinder you playing, i.e. broadband and computer that runs games without lag.

Q: How often do you guys practice?
A: See above. We usually have 3 events per week for each game we play - 1 practice, 1 scrim and 1 match.

Q: Can I be in other clans while I am in SOW?
A: No. It may be ok if its a clan for a totally different game, like a racing or role playing game, but also in this case we want SOW to have priority for you. Players who are busy with other games and therefore can't come to SOW events regularly, don't help the clan.

Q: I'm a 1337 sniper and I can shoot everybody in the head if he only stands still long enough. SOW really wants me, right ?
A: No.

Q: I'm a very experienced clan player. I was in 12 different clans in the last year and the leader of 4 of them. I'm a perfect candidate for SOW, right ?
A: Probably not. We don't want clan hoppers, who were kicked from other clans or change their mind every few weeks. We want solid, reliable and loyal players who also stick with us in times when it doesn't run so well.

Q: I'm a pilot/assault/capper/defender/etc. Can you assure me that I always can play my favorite position when I would become a SOW member?
A: Unfortunately not. Different maps require different weighting of positions. Some positions are more liked, and for others we don't have enough volunteers, so it will always happen that a player has to play a different or even unwanted position. Also since we naturally have known our older members for a longer time and have learned to rely on them in certain positions, it can happen that especially newer members/recruits can't always play their favorite position. This will change when we know you and your strengths and weaknesses better.

Q: How is SOW structured?
A: SOW has one clan leader and a group of co-leaders - the Tribunal. Nevertheless all big decisions are made democratically by votes. Also rather new members can have important positions in SOW, like battle captain, scrim manager, etc if they are suited for them.

Q: How can a wolf have a sword?
A: This information is top secret and will only be revealed to long-time members.

Q: What's so special about SOW?
A: SOW has been involved with online gaming for a long time - since 1999. We are not one of those clans, that just forms for one season in a league or just one game and disbands after a while. We are not just a few guys who play together from time to time. We are a bunch of friends who loyally stick together. That's why we look more for teamwork and character than for skill when we recruit new members.

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